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1.0 Introduction

Hello and welcome to Pharo, this is a read only channel where you will find all important links to documentation to get you started and anything relevant to help you learn Pharo

2.0 Getting Started

Pharo has various means to help you learn, whatever is your preference, asking questions should be always your number one choice.

2.1. Books

Pharo By Example: first book you should read This is a book meant to be read by people just introduced to Pharo , it only requires some very basic understanding of coding and OOP (Object Orientated Programming).

Pharo With Style: gives you very valuable information on how to format pharo code in a way that easy to be read by others and follow common good practices

2.2 Videos

The Pharo MOOC should be your first destination, there is a dedicate channel for MOOC you ask for directions and any question you may have here. There is also a separate channels for other video tutorials. We also welcome any tutorial, does not matter how good it is, how good your English or if its made in another language. Share it you never know who may benefit from it.

2.3 How to get help

First of all, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A STUPID QUESTION, trust me its scientifically proven ;) You should NEVER ask whether someone will want to help you. This server exists because people want to help each other, so yes there is always someone that may want to help you just ask your question directly. Avoid using private messages unless you really have to, private message will hide the answer from other users that may also benefit.When you ask a question please help us to help you. We need as much detailed description of the problem as possible. That means everything, version of pharo image, operation system, version of operation system, version of Pharo vm, a sample of the code that creates the problem, hardware specs and anything more than you can provide. You will be suprised how much of these details play a major role into resolving problems.

3.0 Pharo libraries

Pharo has a large array of libraries , many of them host their own documentation

Agile Visualization: is a pharo library that can help you visualise code

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