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Sample content for Sitewide Sales: Gradient Template for Paid Memberships Pro
* Sale Type: Paid Memberships Pro
* Sale Template: Gradient
// Pre-Sale Content:
<h1>The Smooth Sale is Almost Here!</h1>
<h4>The wait is almost over. Sale starting October 5014!</h4>
<p><a href="#">Learn More</a></p>
// Sale Content:
<h1>50% off Premium!</h1>
<h4>Don't miss out—this sale is fading fast.</h4>
// Post-Sale Content:
<h1>Whoops! This Shiny Sale is No More.</h1>
<h4>Don't worry. We'll have another one soon.</h4>
<p><a href="#">Find out when.</a></p>
// Banner Title:
50% off Premium!
// Banner Content:
Don't miss out—this sale is fading fast. Use code <u>FLASH</u> now through November 30.
// Banner Button Text:
Join Today and Save!
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