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A sample concept for the Page Bottom Banner using Memberlite.
Copy and paste this into the "Page Bottom Banner" field in the Edit Page screen.
This recipe requires Memberlite ( and
the Memberlite Shortcodes plugin (
<h1>The Bottom Banner: One Last Call-to-action.</h1>
[col medium="6"]
<p class="text-2x">Capture your potential members before they do anything else. Questions? Call us at [fa icon="phone"] 123-456-7890 or <a href="">send us an email</a>.</p>
[col medium="3"]
[memberlite_btn style="action,block" href="tel:+1-123-456-7890" text="Call 123-456-7890" target="_blank" icon="phone"]
[col medium="3"]
[memberlite_btn style="primary,block" href="" text="Email" target="_blank" icon="envelope"]
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