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Last active December 31, 2022 20:46
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Bitcoin & Me

I spend some of my free time on Bitcoin development to learn new things and contribute in the process.

If you like my work, you can donate: bc1q4k2umwjcnkv8h5ldq02apmwn8n64s52m73y8g0 (please drop me an email, if you contribute to avoid tax issues).


Replace boost::filesystem with std::filesystem

Why? Relying on less external dependencies is a good thing.

GetDataDir & ArgsManager

Why? GetDataDir() function relies on the global state. This is hard to think about in general (for me). Moving this function to ArgsManager and passing ArgsManager to classes can have a similar (yet much smaller) benefit as tree-wide: De-globalize ChainstateManager.

  • [issue: Remove gArgs]
  • [PR] - Move GetDataDir to ArgsManager
  • [PR] - Remove GetDataDir(net_specific) function ✓
  • [PR] - Remove gArgs from wallet.h and wallet.cpp
  • [PR] - refactor: Remove gArgs from wallet.h and wallet.cpp (2) ✓
  • [PR] - refactor: Remove gArgs from bdb.h and sqlite.h

Add EditorConfig file

Why? .editorconfig can help avoid some code formatting issues and thus less Cirrus CI runs may be needed to merge a Bitcoin Core PR.

  • [PR]: Merged ✓

Type hints & Python scripts

Why? Type hints are helpful to understand Python code better (subjectively). This may prove useful for new Bitcoin contributors.

  • [PR]: Merged ✓

Feerate histogram

Why? It seems like a great feature to have and the work is sponsored by zkSNACKs 🙏

  • PR: Not merged ⏳

rpc: Add level 3 verbosity to getblock RPC call.

Why? This work is sponsored by zkSNACKs 🙏 and I enjoy learning more about this stuff.


  • [#22918]: Merged ✓
  • [#23320] (rpc: Add RPC help for verbosity level 3): Merged ✓


Github has a list of PRs where I did some review work.

rust-bitcoin/rust-miniscript some minor stuff :)


Hand-picked contributions to the privacy oriented Bitcoin wallet are here.

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