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import datetime
from distutils.version import StrictVersion
import fcntl
import os
import pty
from seesaw import item
import seesaw
from seesaw.config import NumberConfigValue
from seesaw.externalprocess import WgetDownload
from seesaw.item import ItemInterpolation, ItemValue
rurban /
Created September 17, 2012 23:04
My perl5 TODO list

My perl5 TODO list

Below is a formal list of possible optimizations, which most would agree on. We had these discussion in 2001 with damian were perl6 and perl5i took off. I'd like to work on these for perl5 core and need decisions. Most p5p hackers seem to be informed about the general possibilities and directions, but not all. We'd need this to improve general perl5 performance, and also help static compilation.[1]