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Deploy JSON API to Heroku


By the end of this breakout, you will be able to:

  1. Set up an application on heroku
  2. Provision a postgres DB on Heroku
  3. Run knex commands to create the schema and seed a production database

Deploy to Heroku

  • Install the herkou CLI

brew install heroku

  • Signup and login to heroku

heroku login

  • Create a heroku app

heroku create

  • Push to heroku

git push heroku master

  • Open the URL from the command line

heroku open

  • View heroku logs

heroku logs --tail

Add Postgres DB to Heroku

  • Add postgres addon

heroku addons:create heroku-postgresql:hobby-dev

  • Add production connection to knex
    • Add a production enviornment to the knex.js file in your root directory. The connection should be set to process.env.DATABASE_URL
    • Look in your db/knex.js file and ensure your connection variable is set to process.env.NODE_ENV || developement

Add a .env file

  • Download the npm package dotenv

npm install dotenv

  • Require the pacakge in your knexfile.js


  • Make a .env file

touch .env

  • Add your .env file to your .gitignore file

  • Add your database url to your .env file

    • Find your app on heroku > settings > config variables


Run Migrations and Seeds on production DB

heroku run knex migrate:latest

  • Use psql to examine tables and data on the production DB

heroku pg:psql

  • Run seed on production DB

heroku run knex seed:run

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