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kinggrowler / How_To_Build_Scrivener.Appimage.txt
Last active December 31, 2021 19:19
How To detailing the creation of a Scrivener for Linux AppImage
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How to build a "Scrivener for Linux" (64bit) AppImage from Source
v1.6 - 2021_12_29
Pre-built AppImages for "Scrivener for Linux" can be downloaded here:
* What is Scrivener?
kinggrowler / git_journal
Last active February 7, 2020 17:24
Bash functions to create and manage a command line journal using git commit messages as individual entries
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# v1.6
# These functions assume bash.
# Source this file to create a "journal" that uses git
# "commit messages" as individual, date-stamped journal entries.
# Original idea credited to Reddit user u/ceifeira in this thread about 'jrnl':