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Requirement > We need icons to represent:

  • Primary Requirement:
    • websocket passive scripts
    • websocket active scripts
  • Secondary requirement:
    • websocket passive scanning
    • websocket active scanning

Summary > Icons should fit into Zap's overall feel and only need to be low res/size versions. The script icons should combine the background script (scroll) icon with something that combines the concept of the main component (websocket [plug icon]) and facilitated component (passive scan/active scan). The icons "could" be based simply on the latter two elements if that is necessary for visual clarity (similar to the HUD radar icon). Here's a screenshot of Zap's UI and the other existing script icons to help illustrate things. [As for ideas/inspiration I guess it's worth noting the difference is the passive scan eye (used straight on) vs the script eye element (side view).]