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Created December 27, 2022 21:59
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Split text at a separators using NimbleParsec
defmodule NimbleSplit do
@moduledoc """
Split text at a separator using [nimble_parsec](
import NimbleParsec
def test_string do
some text, may also contain character "=", which is part of the separator
can be any number of lines long until the first separator line
next block of text
and another one
# A separator line. Note inclusion of the
# surrounding newlines
separator =
# A line is just a series of characters up to
# but not including a newline
line =
repeat(utf8_char([{:not, ?\n}]))
# A block is a series of lines, stopping when the
# next line is a separator
block =
|> repeat(lookahead_not(separator) |> ascii_char([?\n]) |> concat(line))
|> reduce({List, :to_string, []})
# The last block might not be terminated by
# a separator
last_block =
|> repeat(ascii_char([?\n]) |> concat(line))
|> reduce({List, :to_string, []})
# Zero or more blocks separated by the separator
# with maybe a final block
defparsec(:parse, repeat(block |> ignore(separator)) |> concat(last_block))
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