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Created August 25, 2020 16:46
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curl -sLS | sudo sh
ark --help
arkade info openfaas
arkade install openfaas
kubectl -n openfaas get deployments -l "release=openfaas, app=openfaas"
curl -SLsf | sudo sh
kubectl rollout status -n openfaas deploy/gateway
kubectl port-forward --address -n openfaas svc/gateway 8080:8080 &
PASSWORD=$(kubectl get secret -n openfaas basic-auth -o jsonpath="{.data.basic-auth-password}" | base64 --decode; echo)
echo -n $PASSWORD | faas-cli login --username admin --password-stdin
kubectl get svc --all-namespaces
arkade install jenkins
export USER=$(kubectl get secret jenkins \
-o jsonpath="{.data.jenkins-admin-user}" | base64 --decode)
export PASS=$(kubectl get secret jenkins \
-o jsonpath="{.data.jenkins-admin-password}" | base64 --decode)
echo "Credentials: $USER / $PASS"
kubectl get svc --all-namespaces
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