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Install yara and yara-python with androguard, dotnet and cuckoo modules
brew install jansson # OR apt-get install libjansson-dev for debian based linux distros
git clone
cd yara/libyara/modules/
curl -O
sed -i -e 's/MODULE(cuckoo)/MODULE(cuckoo)'$'\\\nMODULE(androguard)/g' module_list
cd ..
sed -i -e 's~MODULES += modules\/cuckoo.c~MODULES += modules\/cuckoo.c'$'\\\nMODULES += modules/androguard.c~g'
cd ..
./configure --enable-cuckoo --enable-dotnet --enable-magic
sudo make install
echo "Done installing yara"
cd ..
git clone
cd yara-python
python build
sudo python install
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