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Last active May 17, 2019

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Convert JavaScript React components to TypeScript
# usage: ./ src/components
git clone
pushd react-javascript-to-typescript-transform
yarn install
# convert using local clone of transform to get unpublished --ignore-prettier-errors
find $PATH_TO_JS -iname '*.js' -exec node react-javascript-to-typescript-transform/dist/cli.js --ignore-prettier-errors {} \;
# however this will complain, and potentially result in invalid code.
# produces `export defaut const TheComponent =`, so we manually fix those.
find $PATH_TO_JS -iname '*.tsx' -exec node -p 'filepath="{}";file=fs.readFileSync(filepath,"utf8");match=file.match(/export default const\s([a-zA-Z_$][a-zA-z0-9_$]*)/);if(!match)process.exit();identifier=match[1];replaced=file.replace(/export default const/,"const");replaced=replaced+"\nexport default " + identifier;fs.writeFileSync(filepath, replaced);' \;
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