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Configuration Example

To configure anonymous services follow academy article

  1. Register the custom web service Go to the ..\Terrasoft.WebApp\ServiceModel directory. Create a DlbSmsService.svc file and add the following record to it.
<% @ServiceHost Language="C#" Debug="true" Service="DlbSmsConnector.DlbSmsService" %>
  1. Enable both HTTP and HTTPS support Open the ..\Terrasoft.WebApp\ServiceModel\http\services.config file and add the following record to it.
<service name="DlbSmsConnector.DlbSmsService">
	<endpoint name="DlbSmsServiceEndPoint"
		contract="DlbSmsConnector.DlbSmsService" />
  1. Enable all users to access the custom web service that uses anonymous authentication.
  • Open the ..\Terrasoft.WebApp\Web.config file.
  • Add the element that defines the relative path and access permissions to the web service.
<location path="ServiceModel/DlbSmsService.svc">
			<allow users="*" />
  • Add the relative web service path to the value attribute of the AllowedLocations key in the element
		<add key="AllowedLocations" value="[Previous values];ServiceModel/DlbSmsService.svc"/>

Make sure to restart IIS appPool

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