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Changelog 1.24.8
  • e96ab2573 Updated Ghost-Admin to 1.24.8 - kirrg001
  • a4ce3d1be Version bump to 1.24.8 - kirrg001
  • 875356b2d Version bump to 1.24.8 - kirrg001
  • b33500226 🐛 Fixed Disqus comments on post preview pages - kirrg001
  • a4aab1940 🎨 Koenig - Added ID attributes to heading tags when rendering (TryGhost/Ghost#9720) - Kevin Ansfield
  • b2a9e4cdd Koenig - Show alert for unsupported browsers - Kevin Ansfield
  • 541713d73 🐛Fixed slugs containing the word amp result in 404s when serving the amp version (TryGhost/Ghost#9722) - Rosco Kalis
  • 742eed99b Fixed typo in server/api/utils (TryGhost/Ghost#9714) - Antony Garand
  • 865acecae 🐛 Koenig - Support schema-less URLs in embed card (TryGhost/Ghost#9725) - Kevin Ansfield
  • 3ec62499f Added --no-server-watch option to grunt-dev (TryGhost/Ghost#9719) - Kevin Ansfield
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