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Changelog 1.24.6
  • e67664816 Version bump to 1.24.6 - kirrg001
  • 4f2ddbe84 Version bump to 1.24.6 - kirrg001
  • 30c6d59ed Updated Ghost-Admin to 1.24.6 - kirrg001
  • c5bad55d6 Dynamic Routing Beta: StaticRoutesRouter has to respect the route name - kirrg001
  • 387399cac Dynamic Routing Beta: Changed routes.yaml error messages - kirrg001
  • af58de049 🐛 Fixed dated urls when timezone changes - kirrg001
  • 00cf043e1 Fixed missing defaults in model layer - kirrg001
  • 61db6defd Added debug log to Base model: emitChange - kirrg001
  • 3a95d0a8f 🎨 updated password reset email text to offer peace of mind (TryGhost/Ghost#9552) - CriticalRespawn
  • 7027980ad Dynamic Routing Beta: Filter collections with NQL (TryGhost/Ghost#9704) - Katharina Irrgang
  • fc9da0702 Dynamic Routing Beta: Added ability to disable+override rss (TryGhost/Ghost#9693) - Katharina Irrgang
  • 13cccfa9e Dynamic Routing Beta: Refactor res.routerOptions (TryGhost/Ghost#9705) - Katharina Irrgang
  • 3e07bbd98 ES6 migration: server/adapters/scheduling/post-scheduling (TryGhost/Ghost#9698) - Bill Fienberg
  • 74a6a413e Changed theme fixture post: point to forum instead of slack (TryGhost/Ghost#9703) - David Balderston
  • 11b61aebc Bump dependencies - kirrg001
  • 07c72d735 Dynamic Routing Beta: Render default.hbs as fallback for static routes - kirrg001
  • c2fa469c4 Dynamic Routing Beta: Channels - kirrg001
  • 0229ac9e8 Dynamic Routing Beta: StaticPageRouter pre-checks for redirects - kirrg001
  • 4ed10aa76 🎨 Dynamic Routing Beta: Extended collection feature (limit, order, data) - kirrg001
  • 51e628692 Dynamic Routing Beta: Added redirect middleware to ParentRouter - kirrg001
  • 1952c55d3 Dynamic Routing Beta: Added redirect helper to ParentRouter - kirrg001
  • 935f06435 Dynamic Routing Beta: Added yaml validation for data key - kirrg001
  • 4280fa3c5 Dynamic Routing Beta: Added resource config - kirrg001
  • d0f2b3e7a Dynamic Routing Beta: Reordered router hierarchy - kirrg001
  • 3cdff1035 Dynamic Routing Beta: Renamed Site and App Router - kirrg001
  • 5a61f9946 Dynamic Routing: Added migration for routes.yaml file (TryGhost/Ghost#9692) - Katharina Irrgang
  • aad4f7941 Fixed links in - Katharina Irrgang
  • e5335acdb Fixed links in README (TryGhost/Ghost#9697) - Ameya Shenoy
  • a1b55509d Dynamic Routing Beta: collection name behaviour - kirrg001
  • 620c8fcd0 🐛 Koenig - Fix Firefox adding "ArrowUp" or similar to caption fields - Kevin Ansfield
  • 0046dce39 Dynamic Routing Beta: Better template support - kirrg001
  • fe840a2f9 🐛 Koenig - Fixed caption/embed inputs in Firefox & Safari - Kevin Ansfield
  • 5b369a932 🐛 Koenig - Fixed card click-to-deselect in Safari/Firefox - Kevin Ansfield
  • 47fd27ec5 Koenig - Fixed HR card selection when clicking - Kevin Ansfield
  • 2427a3001 Koenig - Improved closing of (+) menu when cursor moves - Kevin Ansfield
  • 52f947dbd Koenig - Lazy-click to edit on mouseup not mousedown - Kevin Ansfield
  • 6a314a739 Koenig - Ensure Enter behaviour is consistent when a card is selected - Kevin Ansfield
  • 985e4b24f 🐛 Koenig - Fixed deselect if mouse released at end of doc when drag-selecting - Kevin Ansfield
  • 9d5ab486d Koenig - Prevent rendered MD links being clickable - Kevin Ansfield
  • 598f457d9 Koenig - Added drag-n-drop upload/replace support in image card - Kevin Ansfield
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