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Original method broken down to workflow style
public Slot makeAppointment(Doctor d, Hospital h, Patient p, Date startTime, Date endTime) throws Exception {
if (!isHospitalOpen(h, startTime, endTime)) {
throw new Exception("Hospital isn't open in this time period");
Slot s = getFreeSlotForDoctor(d, startTime, endTime);
if (s == null) {
throw new Exception("Doctor is not free in this time period");
Slot bookedSlot = createAppointment(s, d, p);
notifyDoctor(bookedSlot, d, p);
notifyPatient(bookedSlot, d, p);
return bookedSlot;
private boolean isHospitalOpen(Hospital h, Date startTime, Date endTime) {
String hospitalServiceBaseUrl = ConfigReader.readConfigName("hospitalServiceBaseUrl");
HospitalService hospitalService = new HospitalService(hospitalServiceBaseUrl);
DateRange range = hospitalService.getWorkingHours();
return range.contains(startTime) && range.contains(endTime);
private boolean getFreeSlotForDoctor(Doctor d, Date startTime, Date endTime) {
String scheduleServiceBaseUrl = ConfigReader.readConfigName("scheduleServiceBaseUrl");
ScheduleSerivce scheduleService = new ScheduleService(scheduleServiceBaseUrl);
return scheduleService.getAppointmentSlots(d).stream().filter(slot -> !slot.isOccupied) // Only consider free slots
.filter(slot -> slot.contains(startTime) && slot.contains(endTime)) // Only consider slots which contain this time period
private Slot createAppointment(Slot s, Doctor d, Patient p) {
String appointmentServiceBaseUrl = ConfigReader.readConfigName("appointmentServiceBaseUrl");
AppointmentService appointmentService = new AppointmentService(appointmentServiceBaseUrl);
return appointmentService.bookSlot(d, p, s);
private void notifyDoctor(Slot s, Doctor d, Patient p) {
DoctorEmailTemplate doctorEmailTemplate = new DoctorEmailTemplate(d, p, bookedSlot);
notificationService.notify(d, doctorEmailTemplate);
private void notifyPatient(Slot s, Doctor d, Patient p) {
PatientEmailTemplate patientEmailTemplate = new PatientEmailTemplate(d, p, bookedSlot);
notificationService.notify(p, patientEmailTemplate);
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