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Last active Apr 4, 2017
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About Batti and E-waste

The following are the messages we send out usually to create awareness and and also asking ppl to donate e-waste. You can probably circulate them amongst your group, to attain clarity about what we do.

About Batti

Greetings from everyone at Batti! North East India—beautiful and serene, but many homes are yet to get electrical lighting.

Batti is a an initiative of Further & Beyond Foundation. Batti strives to provide basic lighting for North East India’s most remote inhabitants. We have been installing a solar powered systems that give access to artificial light in tribal homes. So far, Batti has reached more than 1000 people in 282 homes. ​ A part of our funds are generated by upcycling and recycling e-waste.

We are happy to clean up and help process your waste electrical and electronic goods, for free!

Call or message us at this number - 08447835069 or write to us at

About Waste To Light

Waste To Light is a venture to partly fund our work at Further & Beyond Foundation by upcycling and recycling e-waste. It has impacts at many levels. Funds generated by processing e-waste will be used for lighting up houses under the Batti project. Awareness is created about the ill effects that manufacture of electrical and electronic goods and the e-waste produced at the end of life of such equipment. E-waste is highly hazardous in nature and contains huge amounts of toxins which are harmful for the environment and for us, by recycling e-waste and disposing it safely we are efficiently cleaning the environment, and making our home safe from us and our future generations. By recycling e-waste, we help make sure that a lot of metal that has already been mined is being reused. This helps reduce demand on direct mining of raw materials, which in turn avoids a lot of pollution and also helps keep forested and minable land more intact. Directly helps government and society function better by helping manage a significant fallout of current society that is dense with electrical and electronic products.

Call or message us at this number - 08447835069 or write to us at

How it works

Step 1: At Waste To Light, we collect e-waste from generated from households, individuals and other places.

Step 2: Our e-waste processors have accreditation from their Pollution Control Board to collect, store, handle, and process electronic waste. Even after all upcycling and recycling, there are some residues. These are disposed off in a government certified Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facility (TSDF).

Step 3: The funds collected from processing e-waste are then used for buying and installing artificial lighting kits in tribal homes in Arunachal Pradesh, thus providing basic lighting for North East India’s most remote inhabitants.

Step 4: Different reports are sent to relevant stakeholders.

Call or message us at this number - 08447835069 or write to us at

How you can help?

We are organizing a drive around your residence! You can donate all the e-waste lying around in your house, which is of no use to you right now, just occupying space, and silently yet consistently harming you with the various severely toxic compounds.

All electrical and electronic products which have reached end-of-life are considered to be e-waste. GET RID OF THEM NOW!

By upcycling and recycling these, we will generate funds to install solar-powered lighting systems in remote tribal homes in the North East. So far, we have lit up 10 homes under the Batti project with the money we generated from Waste To Light.

Call or message us at this number- 08447835069 or write to us at

Kinds of e-waste

Anything that plugs in! PCs, laptops, mouse, keyboards, other accessories, mobiles, telephones, fax machines, copiers, printers, washing machines, dryers, cables, wires, chargers, CDs, microphones, speakers, electrical fittings, refrigerators, air-conditioners, heaters, vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, toasters, microwaves, inverters, generators, televisions, VCRs, DVD/CD players, hi-fi sets, cassettes, radios, drills, tools and appliances, electric saws, sewing machines, lawn mowers, electronic toys, batteries(including rechargeable batteries, laptop and phone batteries, UPS), etc.

If you know of any such implements that have reached their end-of-life, we are happy to pick them up! Due to current regulations, we do not accept hazardous items like Fluorescent tubes, Sodium lamps, Tube lights, CFLs and Bulbs. Call or message us at this number- 08447835069 or write to us at

What are the hazards of e-waste

Depending on the nature and length of exposure to the substances in e-waste, a number of negative symptoms and often permanent effects are seen in human beings. These include fatigue, sleeplessness, irritability, hair loss, headache, weakness, headache, fever, chills, sweating, vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions, appetite loss, abdominal pain, constipation, muscular pain, bone diseases, skin diseases, pulmonary emphysema, damage to nerves, eyes, lungs, heart, brain, kidneys, liver, spleen, endocrine system, immune system, foetus malformations, genetic damage which is passed on to progeny and the biome, degradation of healing and reproductive functions, and cancer, and can lead to coma or even death.

These damages to human bodies reflect the nature of the damage these substances cause in the world. Unprocessed e-waste, or e-waste that is manually stripped and processed release these materials into the environment and into the bodies of the people working most closely with these. After being leached into the soil and water, these materials also find their way into the food chain, through water, food crops, and animal produce.

Call or message us at this number - 08447835069 or write to us at

Where you can donate

Details about drives and drop-off/pick-up locations

Call or message us at this number- 08447835069 or write to us at Please add your address here, so that they know where they can drop of the ewaste

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