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- hosts: all
remote_user: vagrant
sudo: yes
- name: add git-core repo
apt_repository: repo='ppa:git-core/ppa'
- name: ensure curl is installed
apt: name=curl
- name: ensure git is installed
apt: name=git update_cache=yes
- name: ensure mysql-client is installed
apt: name=mysql-client
- { role: rvm_io.rvm1-ruby, sudo: True, tags: ruby,
rvm1_install_flags: '--auto-dotfiles --user-install',
rvm1_install_path: '/home/{{ansible_ssh_user}}/.rvm' }
- name: copy and place template gitconfig file
copy: src=gitconfig.template dest=/home/vagrant/.gitconfig owner=vagrant
- name: set perms on the clone
shell: chown -R vagrant.vagrant /home/vagrant
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