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kitzelh / index.html
Created June 16, 2018 16:12
Transpose Table with Caption (CSS-Only)
<div id="site">
<header id="header">Heading</header>
<main id="content">
<p id="one">First Paragraph</p>
<p id="two">Second Paragraph</p>
<p id="third">Third Paragraph</p>
<p id="fourth">
<caption>Original Table</caption>
kitzelh / replace_and_clean.php
Created June 16, 2018 05:56
Array Replace Recursive and Clean Out Keys with Null Value
<?php //
function ArrayCleaner($input) {
foreach ($input as &$value) {
if (is_array($value)) {
$value = ArrayCleaner($value);
return array_filter($input, function($item){