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Ubuntu upgrade with Ansible
- hosts:
- all
become: true
- name: Update apt cache
apt: update_cache=yes
- name: Upgrade packages
apt: upgrade=dist
- name: Check if a reboot is required
register: reboot_required_file
stat: path=/var/run/reboot-required get_md5=no
- name: restart machine
become: yes
shell: sleep 2 && shutdown -r now "Ansible updates triggered"
async: 1
poll: 0
ignore_errors: true
when: reboot_required_file.stat.exists == true
- name: Waiting for server to come back
become: no
local_action: wait_for
host={{ inventory_hostname }}

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@fferreira-lucid fferreira-lucid commented Mar 2, 2020

Thanks for this gist. it helped me a lot.
I had to tweak a little bit as I prefer using Ansible instructions instead of shell, command or raw

- name: update apt cache
    update_cache: yes

- name: upgrade packages
    upgrade: dist

- name: check if reboot is required
  register: reboot_required_file
    path: /var/run/reboot-required get_md5=no

- name: restart machine
    msg: "Reboot initiated by Ansible"
  when: reboot_required_file.stat.exists == true

- name: waiting for machine to come back
    delay: 10
    connect_timeout: 300
  when: reboot_required_file.stat.exists == true

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@kiview kiview commented Mar 4, 2020

Wow cool, I totally forgot about this Gist and I am happy that it was to help for someone 🙂
And great improvement with using the reboot taks (not sure if it existed back then when I wrote this).

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