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Mapping Tarot cards to Oblique Strategies
"The Fool": "Children -speaking -singing",
"The Magician": "Make a blank valuable by putting it in an exquisite frame",
"The Papess/High Priestess": "Water",
"The Empress": "Decorate, decorate",
"The Emperor": "Voice your suspicions",
"The Pope/Hierophant": "Don't be frightened of cliches",
"The Lovers": "Ask your body",
"The Chariot": "Dont be afraid of things because they're easy to do",
"Strength": "Use fewer notes",
"The Hermit": "Consider different fading systems",
"The Wheel": "Do we need holes?",
"Justice": "Balance the consistency principle with the inconsistency principle",
"The Hanged Man": "Twist the spine",
"Death": "Do the last thing first",
"Temperance": "Feed the recording back out of the medium",
"The Devil": "Change instrument roles",
"The Tower": "Discover the recipes you are using and abandon them",
"The Star": "Courage!",
"The Moon": "Mechanicalize something idiosyncratic",
"The Sun": "You don't have to be ashamed of using your own ideas",
"Judgement": "Go to an extreme, come part way back",
"The World": "Don't stress one thing more than another",
"ace of wands": "Once the search has begun, something will be found",
"two of wands": "Use an unacceptable color",
"three of wands": "Into the impossible",
"four of wands": "Cluster analysis",
"five of wands": "Remove ambiguities and convert to specifics",
"six of wands": "How would you have done it?",
"seven of wands": "A very small object Its center",
"eight of wands": "What mistakes did you make last time?",
"nine of wands": "Always give yourself credit for having more than personality (given by Arto Lindsay)",
"ten of wands": "Breathe more deeply",
"page of wands": "Idiot glee (?)",
"knight of wands": "Ask people to work against their better judgement",
"queen of wands": "Make an exhaustive list of everything you might do & do the last thing on the list",
"king of wands": "Use 'unqualified' people",
"ace of cups": "Ghost echoes",
"two of cups": "Bridges -build -burn",
"three of cups": "Make what's perfect more human",
"four of cups": "Fill every beat with something",
"five of cups": "Give the game away",
"six of cups": "Would anyone want it?",
"seven of cups": "Just carry on",
"eight of cups": "When is it for?",
"nine of cups": "Is the style right?",
"ten of cups": "What is the reality of the situation?",
"page of cups": "Remove a restriction",
"knight of cups": "Change specifics to ambiguities",
"queen of cups": "Cascades",
"king of cups": "Disconnect from desire",
"ace of swords": "(Organic) machinery",
"two of swords": "Emphasize differences",
"three of swords": "Be less critical",
"four of swords": "Consult other sources -promising -unpromising",
"five of swords": "Abandon normal instructions",
"six of swords": "Do the words need changing?",
"seven of swords": "Is the information correct?",
"eight of swords": "What wouldn't you do?",
"nine of swords": "Lost in useless territory",
"ten of swords": "Openly resist change",
"page of swords": "Think - inside the work -outside the work",
"knight of swords": "What are you really thinking about just now?",
"queen of swords": "Only a part, not the whole",
"king of swords": "Is it finished?",
"ace of coins": "It is quite possible (after all)",
"two of coins": "A line has two sides",
"three of coins": "Do the washing up",
"four of coins": "Define an area as `safe' and use it as an anchor",
"five of coins": "Destroy nothing; Destroy the most important thing",
"six of coins": "Which parts can be grouped?",
"seven of coins": "Intentions -nobility of -humility of -credibility of",
"eight of coins": "Tape your mouth (given by Ritva Saarikko)",
"nine of coins": "Repetition is a form of change",
"ten of coins": "Be extravagant",
"page of coins": "Look at the order in which you do things",
"knight of coins": "Do something boring",
"queen of coins": "Faced with a choice, do both (from Dieter Rot)",
"king of coins": "Use something nearby as a model"
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