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Ubuntu CloudFormation Tools installation snippet. Modified version of
"UserData": {
"Fn::Base64": { "Fn::Join":["", [
"#!/bin/bash -ex\n",
"apt-get update\n",
"apt-get -y install python-setuptools\n",
"mkdir aws-cfn-bootstrap-latest\n",
"curl | tar xz -C aws-cfn-bootstrap-latest --strip-components 1\n",
"easy_install aws-cfn-bootstrap-latest\n",
"/usr/local/bin/cfn-init --stack ", { "Ref":"AWS::StackName" }, " --resource WebServer", " --region ", { "Ref": "AWS::Region" }, "\n",
"/usr/local/bin/cfn-signal --exit-code $? '", { "Ref" : "WaitHandle" }, "'\n"
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mmasko commented Jan 30, 2019

Got this working on Ubuntu 18. Some small changes. Thanks, everyone here for their notes. They were very helpful in figuring out what was going on. Here's a link.

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