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Forked from itochu0523/sc_im_td_tag.js
Created April 19, 2016 02:34
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// Intimate Merger
!function(a,b,c,d){if(!b[a]){b[a]=function(){b[a].instances.push(this),this.init&&this.init()},b[a].instances=[];for(var e=0,f=["td_send","td_send_imid"];e<f.length;e++)b[a].prototype[f[e]]=function(a){return function(){this["tmp_"+a]=this["tmp_"+a]||[],this["tmp_"+a].push(}}(f[e]);var g=c.getElementsByTagName(d)[0],h=c.createElement(d);h.async=!0,h.src="//",g.parentNode.insertBefore(h,g)}}("TDIM",window,document,"script");
!function(t,e){if(void 0===e[t]){e[t]=function(){e[t].clients.push(this),this._init=[]},e[t].clients=[];for(var r=function(t){return function(){return this["_"+t]=this["_"+t]||[],this["_"+t].push(,this}},n=["addRecord","set","trackEvent","trackPageview","ready"],s=0;s<n.length;s++){var i=n[s];e[t].prototype[i]=r(i)}var a=document.createElement("script");a.type="text/javascript",a.async=!0,a.src=("https:"===document.location.protocol?"https:":"http:")+"//";var c=document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];c.parentNode.insertBefore(a,c)}}("Treasure",this);
if(typeof s === "object"){
var _tdObj = {};
var eventsSets = [
//[variable, name]
[s.prop1, "c1"], [s.prop2, "c2"], [s.prop3, "c3"], [s.prop4, "c4"], [s.prop5, "c5"], [s.prop6, "c6"], [s.prop7, "c7"], [s.prop8, "c8"], [s.prop9, "c9"], [s.prop10, "c10"], [s.prop11, "c11"], [s.prop12, "c12"], [s.prop12, "c13"], [s.prop14, "c14"], [s.prop15, "c15"], [s.prop16, "c16"], [s.prop17, "c17"], [s.prop18, "c18"], [s.prop19, "c19"], [s.prop20, "c20"], [s.prop21, "c21"], [s.prop22, "c22"], [s.prop23, "c23"], [s.prop24, "c24"], [s.prop25, "c25"], [s.prop26, "c26"], [s.prop27, "c27"], [s.prop28, "c28"], [s.prop29, "c29"], [s.prop30, "c30"], [s.prop31, "c31"], [s.prop32, "c32"], [s.prop33, "c33"], [s.prop34, "c34"], [s.prop35, "c35"], [s.prop36, "c36"], [s.prop37, "c37"], [s.prop38, "c38"], [s.prop39, "c39"], [s.prop40, "c40"], [s.prop41, "c41"], [s.prop42, "c42"], [s.prop43, "c43"], [s.prop44, "c44"], [s.prop45, "c45"], [s.prop46, "c46"], [s.prop47, "c47"], [s.prop48, "c48"], [s.prop49, "c49"], [s.prop50, "c50"], [s.prop51, "c51"], [s.prop52, "c52"], [s.prop53, "c53"], [s.prop54, "c54"], [s.prop55, "c55"], [s.prop56, "c56"], [s.prop57, "c57"], [s.prop58, "c58"], [s.prop59, "c59"], [s.prop60, "c60"], [s.prop61, "c61"], [s.prop62, "c62"], [s.prop63, "c63"], [s.prop64, "c64"], [s.prop65, "c65"], [s.prop66, "c66"], [s.prop67, "c67"], [s.prop68, "c68"], [s.prop69, "c69"], [s.prop70, "c70"], [s.prop71, "c71"], [s.prop72, "c72"], [s.prop73, "c73"], [s.prop74, "c74"], [s.prop75, "c75"], [s.hier1, "h1"], [s.hier2, "h2"], [s.hier3, "h3"], [s.hier4, "h4"], [s.hier5, "h5"], [s.eVar1, "v1"], [s.eVar2, "v2"], [s.eVar3, "v3"], [s.eVar4, "v4"], [s.eVar5, "v5"], [s.eVar6, "v6"], [s.eVar7, "v7"], [s.eVar8, "v8"], [s.eVar9, "v9"], [s.eVar10, "v10"], [s.eVar11, "v11"], [s.eVar12, "v12"], [s.eVar13, "v13"], [s.eVar14, "v14"], [s.eVar15, "v15"], [s.eVar16, "v16"], [s.eVar17, "v17"], [s.eVar18, "v18"], [s.eVar19, "v19"], [s.eVar20, "v20"], [s.eVar21, "v21"], [s.eVar22, "v22"], [s.eVar23, "v23"], [s.eVar24, "v24"], [s.eVar25, "v25"], [s.eVar26, "v26"], [s.eVar27, "v27"], [s.eVar28, "v28"], [s.eVar29, "v29"], [s.eVar30, "v30"], [s.eVar31, "v31"], [s.eVar32, "v32"], [s.eVar33, "v33"], [s.eVar34, "v34"], [s.eVar35, "v35"], [s.eVar36, "v36"], [s.eVar37, "v37"], [s.eVar38, "v38"], [s.eVar39, "v39"], [s.eVar40, "v40"], [s.eVar41, "v41"], [s.eVar42, "v42"], [s.eVar43, "v43"], [s.eVar44, "v44"], [s.eVar45, "v45"], [s.eVar46, "v46"], [s.eVar47, "v47"], [s.eVar48, "v48"], [s.eVar49, "v49"], [s.eVar50, "v50"], [s.eVar51, "v51"], [s.eVar52, "v52"], [s.eVar53, "v53"], [s.eVar54, "v54"], [s.eVar55, "v55"], [s.eVar56, "v56"], [s.eVar57, "v57"], [s.eVar58, "v58"], [s.eVar59, "v59"], [s.eVar60, "v60"], [s.eVar61, "v61"], [s.eVar62, "v62"], [s.eVar63, "v63"], [s.eVar64, "v64"], [s.eVar65, "v65"], [s.eVar66, "v66"], [s.eVar67, "v67"], [s.eVar68, "v68"], [s.eVar69, "v69"], [s.eVar70, "v70"], [s.eVar71, "v71"], [s.eVar72, "v72"], [s.eVar73, "v73"], [s.eVar74, "v74"], [s.eVar75, "v75"], [, "v76"], [s.products, "products"], [s.pageName, "pageName"], [, "channel"], [s.server, "server"], [s.pageType, "pageType"], [s.products, "products"], [s.purchaseID, "purchaseID"], [s.campaign, "campaign"], [s.List1, "List1"], [s.List2, "List2"], [s.List3, "List3"], [s.getCk("s_vi"), "sc_cookie"], [s.getCk("swhs11_p"), "media_cd_rec"],[s.getCk("sc_cvp"), "ref_records"],[s.getCk("sc_lastvisit"), "lastvisit"] ]
for(var i=0; i < eventsSets.length; i++){
var val = eventsSets[i][0];
if(typeof val !== "undefined"){
val = val + "";
_tdObj[eventsSets[i][1]] = val;
// imid
var tdimjs = new TDIM();
tdimjs.debug = false;
tdimjs.im_api_token = "8etDGnTka2MxiIkb8Mzm7Q";
var imid = (function() {
var cookies = document.cookie.split('; ');
for(var i = 0, max = cookies.length; i < max; i++){
var split = cookies[i].split('=');
if(split[0] === '_tdim') {
return split[1];
/*im cookie id */
_tdObj["im_id"] = imid;
var td = new Treasure({
host: '',
database: 'DATABASE_NAME'
td.set('pageviews', _tdObj);
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