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Last active February 20, 2017 09:38
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Shell customization on a remote server
#@author Kanstantsin Kamkou <>
if [ "`id -u`" = "0" ]; then
echo "Do not run this script as root" 1>&2
exit 1
LIST_PIP='pip pip-tools httpie docker-compose'
LIST_REQUIRED="scdaemon chrony zsh curl wget git mc python-pip jq rar vim ack-grep htop mytop exuberant-ctags rake \
pwgen s3cmd sysv-rc-conf ruby-dev tree pass"
LIST_UI="google-chrome-stable chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra xfonts-terminus ttf-bitstream-vera \
terminator sysv-rc-conf ubuntu-restricted-extras"
ZSH_PLUGINS="git svn npm pip history history-substring-search zsh-syntax-highlighting virtualenv \
virtualenvwrapper z sublime colored-man safe-paste extract ssh-agent docker phing"
echo "Enter the sudo password:"
sudo apt-get install -y $LIST_REQUIRED
sudo pip install --upgrade $LIST_PIP
read -p 'Install UI dependencies? ' inst_ui
if [ "${inst_ui}" = 'y' ]; then
sudo apt-get install -y $LIST_UI
sudo pip install --upgrade $LIST_PIP_UI
# zsh setup
chsh -s `which zsh 2>/dev/null`
git clone git:// ~/.oh-my-zsh
git clone git:// \
git clone git:// ~/.dircolors-solarized
cp ~/.zshrc ~/.zshrc_old &>/dev/null
cp ~/.oh-my-zsh/templates/zshrc.zsh-template ~/.zshrc
sed -i "s/plugins=(git)/plugins=(${ZSH_PLUGINS})/g" ~/.zshrc
echo 'export TERM="xterm-256color"' >> ~/.zshrc
echo 'eval `dircolors ~/.dircolors-solarized/dircolors.256dark`' >> ~/.zshrc
# vim setup
curl -Lo- | bash
git clone ~/.janus/vim-airline
git clone ~/.janus/vim-php-syntax
git clone git:// ~/.janus/python-mode
echo 'export EDITOR=vim' >> ~/.zshrc
# dropbox with personal stuff
read -p 'Install Dropbox? ' inst_dropbox
if [ "${inst_dropbox}" = 'y' ]; then
cd ~ && wget -O - "" | tar xzf -
echo "Done..."
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kkamkou commented Jan 19, 2014

curl -o ~/  -s "" && sh ~/

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