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login.po.js file is used as an Object Repository where you can add the page objects as well as the actions performed on that objects
* Created by Keshav on 6/9/2016.
* login.po.js file
var loginPage = function(){
var params = browser.params;
//Object Locators
function loginPage()
this.loginFame=element( by.css('[ng-click="loginDialog()"]') ); //Login Button Locator
this.loginEmail=element(by.model('email')); //Email Box Locator
this.loginPassword=element(by.model('password')); //Password Box Locator
this.loginSubmit=element(by.css('[ng-click="submit()"]')); //Submit Button Locator
loginPage.prototype.manualLogin = function (userName , password) // No datatypes required
console.log("Entered inside manual--------- "); //To print any desired value on Console; //Perform Click on Famelogin
this.loginEmail.sendKeys(userName); //Enters Username into Email field
this.loginPassword.sendKeys(password); //Enters Password into Email field; //Click on Submit Button
return loginPage;
module.exports= loginPage; //To use the above mentioned function in another file
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