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go- mongoDB mgo insert and query greater than sample
package main
import (
type msg struct {
// Msg string `bson:"msg"`
Count int `bson:"count"`
// Note: attribute name must be upper-case start. Or it will not save to DB. (could not identical with document (at least one upper-case))
type Book struct {
ISBN string
TITLE string
type Person struct {
Name string
Phone string
func main() {
fmt.Println("Starting connect mongoDB....")
session, err := mgo.Dial(SERVER_CONNECT_STRING)
if err != nil {
defer session.Close()
fmt.Println("Connection works....")
// Optional. Switch the session to a monotonic behavior.
c := session.DB("MongoTest1").C("books")
fmt.Println("Getting Database count....")
count, err2 := c.Find(bson.M{}).Count()
if err2 != nil {
fmt.Printf("total book count = %d\n", count)
if count == 0 {
err = c.Insert(&Book{"Ale1", "Book1", 35})
err = c.Insert(&Book{"Ale2", "Book2", 20})
err = c.Insert(&Book{"Ale3", "Book3", 40})
err = c.Insert(&Book{"Ale4", "Book4", 15})
err = c.Insert(&Book{"Ale5", "Book5", 55})
err = c.Insert(&Book{"Ale6", "Book6", 45})
result := Book{}
fmt.Println("Getting data....")
// Find book which prices is greater than(gt) 40
iter := c.Find(bson.M{"price": bson.M{"$gt": 40}}).Iter()
var index = 1
for iter.Next(&result) {
fmt.Printf("current result is [%d] result =%+v\n", index, result)
//when search the DB it must all lower-case to avoid any error.
if err2 := iter.Close(); err2 != nil {
fmt.Printf("No data\n")
} else {
fmt.Printf("result =%+v\n", result)
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andersonqi commented Mar 6, 2017

In other example:

type Person struct {
	Name  string
	Phone string

type Book struct {
	ISBN  string
	TITLE string
	Person  *Person

How to insert these values ?

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Bartuz commented Jun 19, 2017

42 line - should be panic(err2) (is panic(err) now)

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raojala commented Jan 26, 2018

How would you go about doing this without bson? i have a situation where a library generates structs for me and it doesn't map bson.

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