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check jabberd2 if exist and relaunch it.
import time
import string
import sys
import commands
import time
import os
from threading import Thread
exitapp = False
def get_proc_id(process_name):
process_format = "ps aux | grep '%s'" % (process_name)
d = [i for i in commands.getoutput(process_format).split("\n") if 'grep' not in i.split()]
return (str(d[0].split()[0]), str(d[0].split()[1])) if d else None
def check_recover_process(process_name):
ps_proc = get_proc_id(process_name)
if ps_proc == None:
print ("[%s] %s%s%s" %(time.strftime("%m%d-%H:%m"), 'process ', process_name, ' not exist, launch new one....') )
print ("[%s] %s %s" %(time.strftime("%m%d-%H:%m"), process_name, ' exist..........') )
def recover_process(process_name):
if 'sm' in process_name or 's2s' in process_name or 'c2s' in process_name :
print ("[%s] %s" %(time.strftime("%m%d-%H:%m"),'Recovery jabberd2 services') )
os.system('sudo service jabberd2 restart')
if __name__ == '__main__':
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