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Krzysztof Kozmic kkozmic

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kkozmic / gist:10523774
Created Apr 12, 2014
Trivial example of an experiment to create a GulpJs inspired build system for .NET using ScriptCS
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#load "sip.csx"
var sip = Sip();
var log = Sip<SipLog>();
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// this works
var result = session.Query<MemberProfile>().Statistics(out stats).Skip(index).Take(200)
.Select(p => new
InvestorId = p.Id,
SendPushNotification = p.NotificationSubscriberIds.Any()
//this fails, with the following error message:
// Could not understand how to translate 'p.NotificationSubscriberIds.Any()' to a RavenDB query.
kkozmic / AppSettingsAttribute.cs
Last active Jun 12, 2020
Strongly typed configuration using Castle DictionaryAdapter requires castle.core nuget package
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[AttributeUsage(AttributeTargets.Interface,AllowMultiple = false)]
public class AppSettingsAttribute : KeyPrefixAttribute, IDictionaryPropertyGetter, IPropertyDescriptorInitializer
public AppSettingsAttribute(string keyPrefix) : base(keyPrefix)
public object GetPropertyValue(IDictionaryAdapter dictionaryAdapter, string key, object storedValue,
PropertyDescriptor property, bool ifExists)
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public class Foo
public int Id { get; set; }
public Bar Bar { get; set; }
// this is what I refer to as 'FK ID property'
public int BarId { get; set; }
kkozmic / gist:4034987
Created Nov 7, 2012
Windsor automatic dependencies from appSettings section of app.config
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public class AppConfigDependencies : IContributeComponentModelConstruction
private readonly ParameterModelCollection parameters;
public AppConfigDependencies(NameValueCollection appSettings)
parameters = new ParameterModelCollection();
foreach (var key in appSettings.AllKeys)
parameters.Add(key, appSettings[key]);

#Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We were in a rush to uncover better ways of developing software. Agile is supposed to be fast, so we did an Agile implementation of Agile and we skipped all the values and focused on the practices. Through this work we have come to value:

Daily Standups over Individuals and Interactions

Demos over Working Software

Planning Meetings over Customer Collaboration

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Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2012 08:39:54 GMT
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var application = Application.Current as ExpressionApplication;
if (application == null) return;
container.Register(Component.For<IProjectManager>().UsingFactoryMethod(_ => application.Services.GetService<IProjectManager>(), managedExternally: true).LifestyleTransient());
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say I want to escape C# string: @""
HtmlEncode does:;foo=bar
JavaScript escape is: