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Created August 25, 2022 18:38
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Solver script for the Gopher Archive challenge
def solve_first() -> str:
from string import ascii_lowercase
import itertools
import hashlib
def iter():
for s in itertools.product(ascii_lowercase, repeat=6):
yield "".join(s)
for s in iter():
s = s[::-1]
x = 7331
i = 0
while (True):
if (i >= len(s)):
x += ord(s[i]) + (i * ord(s[i]))
i += 1
print(f"Trying {s[::-1]}", end="\r")
if (x == 9580) and (hashlib.sha1(hashlib.md5(s.encode()).hexdigest().encode()).hexdigest() == 'df4c2d865b38db152e7f6bb4ad2f325de9570185'):
return s
def solve_second() -> str:
import hashlib
with open('rockyou.txt', 'r', encoding="latin-1") as f:
for l in
print(f"Trying {l}", end="\r")
reversed = l[::-1]
if (hashlib.sha1(hashlib.md5(reversed.encode()).hexdigest().encode()).hexdigest() == 'a2ce7d4c220df20b186f5458d9449a56e0e36149'):
return l
first = solve_first()
print(f"Found first string: {first[::-1]}")
second = solve_second()
print(f"Found second string: {second}")
print(f"\nFlag/password: {first}-{second}")
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