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Screenshot to dropbox on linux
# Take a screenshot of an area of the screen, upload it to dropbox and put the url into the clipboard
# Put file in any directory under your dropbox
# If it is subfolder, than you need to make them manually
FILENAME=~/Dropbox/Public/Screenshots/Screenshot_`date +%Y-%m-%d-%H:%M`.png
# Select an area and save the screenshot
# you need to instal gnome-screenshot
# on ubuntu: sudo apt install gnome-screenshot
gnome-screenshot -a -f $FILENAME
# You need to install dropbox on your linux system and log in
URL=`dropbox sharelink $FILENAME`
# you need to install xclip on your system to get link to clipboard
# on ubunut: sudo apt install xclip
echo $URL | xclip -selection clipboard
# Pop up a small notification
# You need to install notify-osd (at least on gnome-shell)
# on ubuntu-gnome: sudo apt install notify-osd
notify-send "Copied $URL to clipboard"

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@jack828 jack828 commented May 2, 2018

Very useful, thanks!

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