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Parse a 10x chromium sparse matrix output into a single file, inserting the ENSEMBL gene ID and the cell barcode
# The following script parses the 10x chromoium sparse matrix.
# It replaces the First column with the ENSEMBL gene ID and the second,
# if needed, with the cell barcode (just uncomment the second awk script).
# It needs the three 10x chromium outputs as follows:
# 1. genes.tsv
# 2. matrix.mtx
# 3. barcodes.tsv
# How does it do that?
# The first awk generates a hashtable (h) which stores the linenumber
# where a specific gene is located in the genes.tsv file.
# Next, it goes through each line of the matrix.mtx file and replaces the first column
# with the appropriate ENSEMBL gene ID.
# If the second awk statement is uncommented, the same is done with the barcodes.tsv file,
# replacing the second column in matrix.mtx with the cell barcode.
# The output is saved in the file parsed_sparse.mtx
awk 'NR == FNR {h[NR] = $1; next} {print h[$1],$2,$3}' genes.tsv matrix.mtx | \
# awk 'NR == FNR {h[NR] = $1; next} {print $1,h[$2],$3}' barcodes.tsv - | \
tail -n +4 \
> parsed_sparse.mtx
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