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3D Printing Instructions to make an STL file for 3D printers
  • First you need a thresholded version of the image to start processing
  • Next clean up the image a bit, for the bone image a 2x Opening was sufficient but some images require more. Then select the largest single component (you cannot have disconnected structures)
run("Erode (3D)", "iso=255");
run("Erode (3D)", "iso=255");
run("Dilate (3D)", "iso=255");
run("Dilate (3D)", "iso=255");

run("Find Connected Regions", "allow_diagonal display_image_for_each display_one_image display_results regions_for_values_over=100 minimum_number_of_points=5000 stop_after=-1");
  • Select the largest window
selectWindow("Region of value 255 containing 6340372 points");
run("Gaussian Blur...", "sigma=2.50 stack");
run("3D Viewer");
  • Select Display as: Surface
  • Select downsampling of 1 (2 makes some of the surfaces disappear)
  • Select a threshold of around 100 (large makes it thinner, smaller makes it thicker)
  • Export Surfaces -> STL (binary)
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