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Emacs like key bindings for zathura
set adjust-open width
map \< goto top
map \> goto bottom
map b navigate previous
map e follow
map f navigate next
map p goto top
map <C-+> zoom in
map <C--> zoom out
map <C-=> zoom in
map <C-)> adjust_window best-fit
map <C-0> adjust_window width
map <C-a> scroll full-left
map <C-b> scroll left
map <C-e> scroll full-right
map <C-f> scroll right
map <C-g> abort
map <C-n> scroll down
map <C-p> scroll up
map <C-v> scroll full-down
map <A-\<> goto top
map <A-\>> goto bottom
map <A-v> scroll full-up
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