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A simple script to create lower-resolution Android drawables from higher-resolution ones.
import sys
import argparse
import os
import re
A simple script to create lower-resolution Android drawables from higher-resolution ones.
For example, given a batch of -xhdpi images, you can generate -hdpi and -mdpi images.
This makes it possible to only export highest-resolution artwork from image authoring tools, and
automate the rest.
Usage: -d res/drawable-mdpi -d res/drawable-hdpi res/drawable-xhdpi-v14/select*.png
... will take select*.png from xhdpi and place versions into mdpi and hdpi folders.
Correct resize ratios are computed based on resource directory names.
Actual scaling is done by ImageMagick's convert command.
class Converter:
def __init__(self, dstList):
print u'Dst list: {0}'.format(dstList)
self.mDstList = dstList
def convert(self, src):
for dstpath in self.mDstList:
(srcpath, srcname) = os.path.split(src)
dst = os.path.join(dstpath, srcname)
self.convertOne(src, dst)
def convertOne(self, src, dst):
print u'\n*****\n{0} to {1}\n*****\n'.format(src, dst)
Determine relative density
srcDpi = self.getDpi(src)
dstDpi = self.getDpi(dst)
if srcDpi < dstDpi:
print u'NOT converting from {0}dpi to {1}dpi'.format(srcDpi, dstDpi)
factor = dstDpi*100/srcDpi
print u'Converting from {0}dpi to {1}dpi, {2}%'.format(srcDpi, dstDpi, factor)
cmd = u'convert -verbose "{0}" -resize "{2}%x{2}%" "{1}"'.format(src, dst, factor)
def getDpi(self, f):
p = os.path.dirname(f)
if re.match('.*drawable.*\\-mdpi.*', p):
return 160
elif re.match('.*drawable.*\\-hdpi.*', p):
return 240
elif re.match('.*drawable.*\\-xhdpi.*', p):
return 320
raise ValueError(u'Cannot determine densitiy for {0}'.format(p))
if __name__ == "__main__":
Parse command line arguments
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Converts drawable resources in Android applications')
parser.add_argument('-d', dest='DST', action='append', required=True, help='destination directory')
parser.add_argument('src', nargs='+', help='files to convert (one or more)')
args = parser.parse_args()
cv = Converter(args.DST)
for src in args.src:
if [ $# -lt 1 ] ; then
echo "Usage: $0 file_list"
exit 1
for f in $*
echo "File: ${f}"
convert -verbose "${f}" -resize "75%x75%" "../drawable-hdpi/${f}"
convert -verbose "${f}" -resize "50%x50%" "../drawable-mdpi/${f}"

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commented Mar 31, 2013

excellent helpful script. saved me a lot of time (and thinking) when converting like 120 assets.



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commented Jun 5, 2014

For even higher resolutions add around line 61:

    elif re.match('.*drawable.*\\-xxhdpi.*', p):
        return 480
    elif re.match('.*drawable.*\\-xxxhdpi.*', p):
        return 640

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commented Feb 25, 2015

I recommend changing 100 to 100.0 in line 49, like so

factor = dstDpi*100.0/srcDpi

Otherwise, converting xxxhdpi to hdpi results in 37% instead of 37.5%, or a launcher icon of 71x71 instead of 72x72.


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commented Sep 28, 2018

First let me clear that i don't know anything about python but i want to know that how this script will work and how we will do smart work and get help. I have installed python and setup its path also. I have created some of the simple project and run also and its working fine. Now how to run this python script because when i create file using above script and try to run, it will send me some error. i have run below command to run this script. I think i am missing project file location on that python script.

.../User>python -d res/drawable-mdpi -d res/drawable-hdpi res/drawable-xhdpi-v14/select*.png

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