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kmcquade / config.json
Last active February 27, 2024 17:03
cloudwatch logs agent config
"agent": {
"metrics_collection_interval": 60
"logs": {
"logs_collected": {
"files": {
"collect_list": [
"file_path": "/home/ec2-user/shared-volume/zap.log",
kmcquade / app.yaml
Created February 2, 2024 05:55 — forked from alukach/app.yaml
An example Github Actions for Python + Pipenv + Postgres + Pyright
# .github/workflows/app.yaml
name: My Python Project
on: push
runs-on: ubuntu-latest
timeout-minutes: 10
kmcquade /
Created December 5, 2023 18:47 — forked from tobywf/
A quick script to remove old AWS Lambda function versions
from __future__ import absolute_import, print_function, unicode_literals
import boto3
def clean_old_lambda_versions():
client = boto3.client('lambda')
functions = client.list_functions()['Functions']
for function in functions:
versions = client.list_versions_by_function(FunctionName=function['FunctionArn'])['Versions']
for version in versions:
This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file.
"openapi": "3.0.1",
"info": {
"title": "Jellyfin API",
"version": "10.8.12",
"x-jellyfin-version": "10.8.12"
"servers": [
kmcquade / dvws-node-swagger.json
Last active November 16, 2023 17:49
dvws-node Swagger file. The swagger.js file in the repo is in a javascript object but I need it to be yaml/json and downloadable. So downloading it from gist. Here is the original:
"openapi": "3.0.1",
"info": {
"title": "DVWS API",
"description": "API Used for DVWS Application",
"version": "0.1"
"servers": [
"url": "http://dvws.local"
kmcquade /
Created January 25, 2023 21:49
Gmail doesn't work using regular recording. It will only work if you run the recording script and then wrap the recorded script in this
from playwright.sync_api import Playwright, sync_playwright, expect
from playwright._impl._api_types import Error as PlaywrightError
def run(pw: Playwright) -> None:
args = [
kmcquade /
Created November 6, 2022 20:23 — forked from mkorthof/
ldbdump - dumps LevelDB keys/values
# ldbdump - dumps LevelDB keys/values
# a LevelDB is a dir with files such a these:
# 000050.ldb 000100.log CURRENT LOCK LOG MANIFEST-000099
# sources: dump()
import os
# Clone the Firing Range Repository
git clone
# Change to 'firing-range' directory
cd firing-range
# Download the AppEngine SDK
kmcquade / risky-actions-example.yml
Created December 10, 2021 18:06
Explanation for a vendor on a potential way to represent risky action combinations for their product via yaml
# Format is below
# risk-name:
# target-name: # AND logic
# - service:actionName
# - service:act*
# List of high priority resource exposure actions here:

IAM Actions that can expose resources via Resource Based Policies

ACM Private CAs:

CloudWatch Logs:

  • logs:PutResourcePolicy: Creates or updates a resource policy allowing other AWS services to put log events to this account
  • logs:DeleteResourcePolicy: Deletes a resource policy from this account. This revokes the access of the identities in that policy to put log events to this account.