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Miklós kmikiy

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NicholasBellucci / ScrollingTextView.swift
Last active Jun 29, 2021
MacOS swift marquee scrolling text view
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import Cocoa
open class ScrollingTextView: NSView {
// MARK: - Open variables
/// Text to scroll
open var text: NSString?
/// Font for scrolling text
open var font: NSFont?
danieltmbr / map-joined-reduce.swift
Last active Sep 21, 2017
Compare performance reduce to joined & map+joined
View map-joined-reduce.swift
Measuring the performance of reduce compared to joined and map+joined.
Spoiler: map+joined way more faster!!!
Try this code in a .playground file if you want.
func measure(closure: (()->Void)) {
let start = Date()
matthewreagan / controlclick.swift
Last active Jan 3, 2019
Fixing control-click vs right-click contextual menus in NSView
View controlclick.swift
override func mouseDown(theEvent: NSEvent)
/* Hard-coding this behavior isn't great, and shouldn't be necessary. (It should
be up to OS X to define what a contextual-menu click is/isn't, and we should
only care about vending our NSMenu via `menuForEvent:`). */
let modifierFlags = theEvent.modifierFlags;
if (modifierFlags.contains(.ControlKeyMask))