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object FileIO {
abstract sealed class AccessMode
case class READ() extends AccessMode
case class WRITE() extends AccessMode
case class READ_WRITE() extends AccessMode
abstract sealed class StreamType
case class BYTES() extends StreamType
case class CHARS() extends StreamType
trait FileOpener[M, T, R] {
def open(path: File): R
implicit def pathNameToFile(pathName: String) = new File(pathName)
object FileOpener {
implicit object InputStreamOpener extends FileOpener[
READ, BYTES, InputStream] {
def open(path: File) = new FileInputStream(path)
implicit object OutputStreamOpener extends FileOpener[
WRITE, BYTES, PrintStream] {
def open(path: File) = new PrintStream(new FileOutputStream(path))
implicit object RandomAccessFileOpener extends FileOpener[
READ_WRITE, BYTES, RandomAccessFile] {
def open(path: File) = new RandomAccessFile(path, "rw")
implicit object ReaderOpener extends FileOpener[
READ, CHARS, BufferedReader] {
def open(path: File) = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(path))
implicit object WriterOpener extends FileOpener[
WRITE, CHARS, PrintWriter] {
def open(path: File) = new PrintWriter(new FileWriter(path))
def open[M <: AccessMode, T <: StreamType, R](
path: File, mode: M = READ(), streamType: T = CHARS()
)(implicit opener: FileOpener[M, T, R]): R =
def using[R <: { def close(): Unit }, M](r: R)(f: R => M): M = try {
} finally { r.close() }
import FileIO._
object User {
def main(args: Array[String]) {
using(open("Hello.scala")){reader =>
//reader is BufferedReader
Stream.continually(reader.readLine()).takeWhile(_ != null).foreach(println)
using(open("hoge.txt", WRITE())){writer =>
//writer is PrintWriter
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