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@kn0ll kn0ll/
Last active Nov 19, 2018

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a simple nodejs request proxy as connect middleware. developed as a cross domain ajax proxy.
a small connect middleware proxy for cross domain ajax
@path first match group will be forwarded
@host the host you want to proxy
connect_server.use proxy '^(/.+)', ''
connect_server.use proxy '^/gh(/.+)', ''
https = require 'https'
module.exports = (path, host) ->
(req, res, next) ->
if match = req.originalUrl.match path
opts =
host: host
path: match[1]
method: req.method
api_req = https.request opts, (response) ->
body = ''
res.writeHead response.statusCode,
response.on 'data', (chunk) ->
body += chunk
response.on 'end', ->
res.end body
if req.body
api_req.write JSON.stringify req.body
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