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Creality Ender 3 Stock Factory Vref

Creality3D v1.1.2 stock vref values

A4988 Drivers
Vref set to ~90% of stepper rated current
Rs = 0.1ohm

X = 0,58v (0,725A)
Y = 0,58v (0,725A)
Z = 0,58v (0,725A)
E = 0,72v (0,900A)

Stepper Motor datasheets

Naming: [JK][S]HS[L]-[100][4]

JK: Manufacturer (jkongmotor) S: Size (42mm) HS: Hybrid Stepper L: Length (34/40mm) 100: Rated current 1.00 4: Number of wires



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kdkwarhead commented Feb 9, 2019

This was very useful. Thank you!
I'm quite sure that the Ender-2 uses the same motors and A4988 drivers (no label on the motors).
Detailed data on the motors:
The very last part of the codes is not the same but it doesn't matter.


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jpcad64 commented Feb 11, 2019

Hi, 0,725A is the current/phase of ender 3 stock motors (x,y,z)?

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