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Last active March 16, 2021 17:23
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# Regolith aka Un-Bedrock
# "But what if we need to hand it off to another agency?" No more!
# This script converts a Bedrock site to a normal WordPress structure.
# Run it from the root of a Bedrock project.
# Created by Nathan Knowler and Daniel Roe
echo "Converting Bedrock to a normal WordPress file structure..."
# Get site name
# Set destination name
# Set .env
# Copy WordPress
cp -a ./web/wp $dest
# Copy app content
cp -a ./web/app $dest/wp-content
# Backup current database
wp db export $dest/$site-backup.sql
# Change Bedrock URLs
wp search-replace '/app/' '/wp-content/'
wp search-replace '\/app\/' '\/wp-content\/'
# Export DB
wp db export $dest/$site.sql
# Restore DB backup
wp db import $dest/$site-backup.sql
# Remove DB backup
rm $dest/$site-backup.sql
# Create wp-config.php
cp $dest/wp-config-sample.php $dest/wp-config.php
# Copy over basic WP database settings
# On macOS sed is broken-ish. Use gnu-sed instead.
# brew install gnu-sed
# echo 'alias sed=gsed\nexport LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8' >> .bash_profile
source $env
sed -i "s/database_name_here/${DB_NAME}/g" $dest_config
sed -i "s/username_here/${DB_USER}/g" $dest_config
sed -i "s/password_here/${DB_PASSWORD}/g" $dest_config
if [ ! -z "$DB_HOST" ]; then
sed -i "s/localhost/${DB_HOST}/g" $dest_config
# Copy over any other .env settings
# On macOS use gxargs included in findutils.
# brew install findutils
# echo 'alias xargs=gxargs' >> .bash_profile
for line in $(grep -v '^#' .env | xargs -d '\n')
varname=$(echo ${line} | sed -e 's/\(.*\)=.*/\1/g')
value=$(echo ${line} | sed -e "s/.*\=\('\(.*\)'\$\)\|\(.*\=\(.*\)\$\)/\4/g")
if [ -z "$value" ]; then
value=$(echo ${line} | sed -e "s/.*\=\('\(.*\)'\$\)\|\(.*\=\(.*\)\$\)/\2/g")
if [ "$varname" != 'WP_SITEURL' ] && [ "$varname" != 'DB_NAME' ] && [ "$varname" != 'DB_USER' ] && [ "$varname" != 'DB_PASSWORD' ] && [ "$varname" != 'DB_HOST' ] && [ "$varname" != 'WP_SITEURL' ]; then
echo "define('${varname}', '${value}');" >> $dest_config
# Compress
zip -qr $ $dest
mv $ ..
# Clean up
rm -rf $dest
# Sassiness
echo "That was *really* easy. Output is zipped in directory above."
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