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Last active January 3, 2016 13:40
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Starts private docker repository backed by S3 on ElasticBeanstalk environment. It is supposed to launch before the application container is launched so that the application container image can be pulled from the local private repository.
. /opt/elasticbeanstalk/hooks/
# Load ElasticBeanstalk environment variables
touch /tmp/
chmod 600 /tmp/
jq .docker.env[] $EB_CONFIG_FILE | tr -d \" > /tmp/
source /tmp/
rm /tmp/
# Start docker repository with name "registry"
docker run \
--name registry \
-e DOCKER_REGISTRY_CONFIG=/docker-registry/config/config_sample.yml \
-e SEARCH_BACKEND=sqlalchemy \
-p 49000:5000 -d \
registry docker-registry
while [[ $((nRetry++)) < 3 ]]; do
echo "Checking if the registry is up..."
sleep 5
RET=`curl 2>1 /dev/null`
if [[ $RET == "true" ]]; then
echo "Registry container is up"
exit 0
echo "Failed to launch registry container"
exit 1
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