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Last active July 24, 2023 03:41
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Script to enable SRIOV virtual functions on Mellanox cards (
# params
# - device name (e.g. mlx5_0)
# - number of virtual functions (e.g. 10)
configure_dev () {
local num_of_vfs="$2"
local devid=$(echo $1 | cut -d_ -f2)
local max_id="0"
local num_vfs_path="/sys/class/infiniband/$1/device/mlx5_num_vfs"
if [[ "$(cat $num_vfs_path)" -lt "$num_of_vfs" ]]; then
echo $num_of_vfs > /sys/class/infiniband/$1/device/mlx5_num_vfs
let "max_id=$num_of_vfs-1"
for vf in $(seq 0 $max_id); do
echo ' ' ' ' Configuring virtual function $vf
# enable the virtual function
echo Follow > /sys/class/infiniband/$1/device/sriov/$vf/policy
# assign GUID to virtual card and port
let "first_part=$vf/100"
let "second_part=$vf-$first_part*100"
local ip_last_seg=$(hostname -i | cut -d. -f4)
let "ip_last_seg_first=$ip_last_seg/100"
let "ip_last_seg_second=$ip_last_seg-$ip_last_seg_first*100"
local guid_prefix="$(printf "%02d" $devid):22:33:$(printf "%02d" $first_part):$(printf "%02d" $second_part):$(printf "%02d" $ip_last_seg_first):$(printf "%02d" $ip_last_seg_second)"
echo "$guid_prefix:90" > /sys/class/infiniband/$1/device/sriov/$vf/node
echo "$guid_prefix:91" > /sys/class/infiniband/$1/device/sriov/$vf/port
# reload driver to make the change effective
pcie_addr="$(readlink -f /sys/class/infiniband/$1/device/virtfn${vf} | awk -F/ '{print $NF}')"
echo $pcie_addr > /sys/bus/pci/drivers/mlx5_core/unbind
echo $pcie_addr > /sys/bus/pci/drivers/mlx5_core/bind
# if specific devices are provided, only those will be configured
# otherwise, all devices supporting SR-IOV will be configured
if [[ "$#" -eq "0" ]]; then
echo Configuring SR-IOV for all supported devices
for dev in $(ls /sys/class/infiniband); do
if [[ -e "$totalvfs_path" && "$(cat $totalvfs_path)" -gt "0" ]]; then
echo ' ' Configuring for $dev $(cat $totalvfs_path)
#configure_dev $dev $(cat $totalvfs_path)
elif ! (( $# % 2 )); then
echo Configuring SR-IOV for specified devices
while (( "$#" )); do
echo ' ' Configuring for $dev
configure_dev $dev $num_of_vfs
shift 2
echo Please use the script in the following two ways:
echo ' ' ./
echo ' ' ./ mlx5_0 10 mlx5_1 25
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\o/ 🎉

Very helpful. Thank you

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no doubt!!! its nice piece of code 👍

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