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Last active Jan 2, 2016
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Cancellations RSA Conference 2014

RSA Conference 2014: cancellations

List of people who have cancelled either their session (e.g. talk, panel participation or seminar) at RSA Conference 2014.

Date Name Job title More info
2014-01-20 Roel Schouwenberg Senior Researcher, Kaspersky Lab Tweet
2014-01-09 Jim Manico Global Board Member, OWASP and VP of Security Architecture, WhiteHat Security Tweet
2014-01-09 Eoin Keary Global Board Member, OWASP and Director, BBC Risk Advisory Tweet
2014-01-07 Chris Palmer Software Security Engineer, Google Tweet
2014-01-07 Alex Fowler Chief Privacy Officer, Mozilla Tweet
2014-01-07 Adam Langley Senior Staff Software Engineer, Google Tweet
2014-01-07 Marcia Hofmann Attorney, Law Office of Marcia Hofmann Tweet
2014-01-07 Christopher Soghoian Principal Technologist, ACLU Tweet
2014-01-03 Jeffrey Carr Chief Executive Officer, Taia Global Blog
2013-12-26 Josh Thomas Partner, Artreidis News article
2013-12-23 Mikko Hypponen Chief Research Officer, F-Secure Blog
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