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Last active October 9, 2022 23:55
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// SPDX-License-Identifier: CC0
pragma solidity ^0.8.0;
// author @koeppelmann
// Detector Factory allows to deploy new CensorshipDetector
// Each CensorshipDetector monitors wether a specific address is being cencored on Ethereum
// Each CensorshipDetector must be funded with ETH (anyone can send ETH to the CensorshipDetector)
// Once funded anyone can call the "withdrawal" in the "CensorshipDetector" every 1h and it will pay a small bounty to tx.origin (100k * basefee)
// During this transaction the "CensorshipDetector" will send 1 wei to the address that is endangered of being cencored.
// CensorshipDetector will log the coinbase (validator address) (those are NOT censoring) and the number of blocks that has passed.
// Censorhip can only be detected probilisiticy. Number of blocks should be as close as possible to 0.
contract DetectorFactory {
event CensorshipDetectorDeployed (address indexed endangeredAddress, address indexed detector);
// deploy a new "CensorshipDetector"
// CensorshipDetector can get funded with depolyment or later
function deploy(address _endangeredAddress) public payable {
address predictedAddress = detectorAddress(_endangeredAddress);
CensorshipDetector d = new CensorshipDetector{salt: 0, value: msg.value}(_endangeredAddress);
require(address(d) == predictedAddress);
emit CensorshipDetectorDeployed(_endangeredAddress, predictedAddress);
// calculates the deterministic address of CensorshipDetector (only dependet on "_endangeredAddress)
function detectorAddress(address _endangeredAddress) public view returns(address) {
return address(uint160(uint(keccak256(abi.encodePacked(
// calls the withdrawl function of a CensorshipDetector - just a convinience fuction - it is more gas efficient to call it directly in the CD contract
function withdrawal(address _endangeredAddress) public{
// CensorshipDetector
// can be called every 300 blocks (1h)
// pays (if funded) 100k * basefee to tx.origin
contract CensorshipDetector {
uint public lastTouch;
address public immutable endangeredAddress;
uint constant public cooldown = 5*60;
event Log(address indexed producer, string message, uint indexed NumberOfBlocksCensored);
constructor(address _endangeredAddress) payable {
endangeredAddress = _endangeredAddress;
lastTouch = block.number;
receive() external payable {}
function withdrawal() public payable{
require(block.number >= lastTouch + cooldown, "Has been called too recently");
//send endangeredAddress 1 Wei{value: 1 wei}("");
//{value: 1 wei}("");{value: block.basefee * 100000}("");
emit Log(block.coinbase, "this block producer shall not be slashed", block.number - lastTouch - cooldown);
lastTouch = block.number;
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