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kofifus / gist:9360bdf9d98925c2e6ab6ccba4fa18ad
Created August 23, 2021 02:47
HttpFile GetToFileAsync, GetToStringAsync, PostToStringAsync
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namespace System.Net.Http {
// holds the non disposable parts of HttpResponseMessage
public record HttpResponseInfo(HttpResponseHeaders Headers, bool IsSuccessStatusCode, string? ReasonPhrase, HttpStatusCode HttpStatusCode, HttpResponseHeaders TrailingHeaders, Version Version);
// holds Http exception information
public record HttpExceptionInfo(string ErrorMessage, WebExceptionStatus? WebExceptionStatus);
public record HttpResponse {
public HttpResponseInfo? HttpResponseInfo { get; init; }
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Filter Facebook Marketplace to only show entries in the last hour
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Created August 26, 2018 08:49 — forked from PurpleBooth/
A template to make good

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View Javascript 'class' pattern
Going over the usually recommended 'classes' solutions I ended up dissatisfied with all of them, mainly:
- using ES6 class, I have no real private variables/methods and my code is full with this._ which is really ugly
- using the crockford way, private methods have this unaassigned (or ===window) which is very confusing and
error prone and need the 'that=this' hack thing to work properly
- other soloutions ie weakmaps and symbols create complicated ugly code
- in any of the above ways it is hard to have a clear view of the public interface of the class
kofifus / Codemirror spellchecker with typo corrections
Last active September 23, 2022 17:12
CodeMirror spell checker with typo correction
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// include codemirror.js, addon/mode/overlay.js
// include async typo.js from
// include loadTypo.js from:
// loading typo + dicts takes a while so we start it first
// hosting the dicts on your local domain will give much faster loading time
// english dictionaries taken from