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Git: .gitignore file for LaTeX projects

Excellent! Thanks for this!

I might consider adding '*.synctex.gz'.


Thank you! Good idea, I added it.


Why not use this instead:

$ cat .gitignore

Because it's decently rare that a .tex file exists by itself, there's BibTeX files, figures, usually some sort of misc notes you want (I even have a rake file using rake-latex from Oxford Uni).

All that said, if you really do have a .tex file in isolation, that's a good solution :)


excellent, just what i need! thanks.


Thank you for this great file !
I forked it for Mac users :


Cool! Thank you!


If using latexmk to manage the compile process, add *.fdb_latexmk


I added *\#* to my list to not track the emacs backup files.


I added *.pdf since this is an output file and not a source file. The same could apply to *.dvi.


Thanks !, very useful.


if using the pagebackref option of the hyperref package you also get a *.brf file.


I would sort it alphabetically :) Good one!


While for AUCTeX you also get files like:


Thank you Stefan, this is nice and useful. You may also want to include *.lol (List of Listings), produced by the listings package.


Thank You, indeed. My "manuscript" got rather large and manually tracking changes piecemeal got unmanageable, thankfully I opted way back then to compose it in \LaTeX so now that I've been able to regenerate it from ancient source, I'll be able to track it, too.


Just what i was looking for, great! What about adding *.pdf? And for TexMaker users


is useful also.


nice. thanks!


Yay! Cheers!



BTW, biber creates *.bcf and *.run.xml files.


*.snm and *.nav for beamer!




Thanks for cleaning up my fat repo!


I see multiple comments suggesting adding *.pdf, but as of yet it was not included.. Is there an argument to leave it out?


This is perfect, Thanks!




Thanks :)


joostrijneveld: adding *.pdf to a standard .gitignore is a bad idea since pictures in latex documents often are included in pdf format.

I would also argue that it's pretty convenient for someone not interested in editing the document to have easy access to the output pdf file, without having to download any non-common packages and building it manually.





Thanks for your sharing. I propose to add *.run.xml which is generated by biber.


I propose to add *.xdy which is created by xindy, an index processor. You can find the addition in my fork.


Thank you!


Thank you from a very new git and latex user!


i am new to git, and i want to share latex project over here, with all the figures, bib files and tex file.


thanks as well!
would it be possible to add a line that excludes the .pdf file if there is a corrisponding .tex file?


Nice, thanks for sharing. I suggest adding *eps-converted-to.pdf to remove the PDF files generated by epstopdf.


Thanks a bunch!


Thx. Some things to add:

  • *.fdb_latexmk
  • *.xml
  • *.pdf
  • *.fls
  • *.bcf
  • *.pyg

Thank you


Thanks! This is very useful




This is great, thanks.


Thanks... very good!

I might consider adding '*.brf'.


I usually add *.tex~ and *.tex.backup.


Thanks !


I needed to also add:


I add:


I added


Excellent! Thank you very much for sharing.




Thanks you so much. 💯 👍

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