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@kohyama kohyama/dce.clj

Created Jul 30, 2012
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Add paths of sources and classes of your program, compile and execute it. Do them all at runtime.
(ns dce.core
(:import clojure.lang.DynamicClassLoader)
(defn -main [abs-path target-ns & args]
(let [ccl (.getContextClassLoader (Thread/currentThread))
dcl (if (instance? DynamicClassLoader ccl) ccl
(let [l (DynamicClassLoader. ccl)]
(.setContextClassLoader (Thread/currentThread) l)
(.addURL dcl (URL. (str "file://" abs-path "/src/")))
(.addURL dcl (URL. (str "file://" abs-path "/classes/")))
(binding [*compile-path* (str abs-path "/classes")]
(compile (symbol target-ns)))
(def f (future (apply (resolve (symbol (str target-ns "/-main"))) args)))
(Thread/sleep 5000)
(future-cancel f)))
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