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KOKADO, kota kokardy

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kokardy / file0.go
Created Sep 23, 2013
interface型でない変数の型アサーション ref:
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t, ok := x.(T)
kokardy / minprice.go
Created Jul 21, 2013
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package main
minprice.exe -dose [投与量] [規格:価格] [規格:価格]*
import (
kokardy /
Created Jul 10, 2013
How to use reportlab.platypus.Image with PNG that is created by matplotlib.pyplot.save_figure function
from StringIO import StringIO
from PIL import ImageFileIO
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from reportlab.platypus import Image
buf = StringIO()
#plot your graphs
plt.save_figure(buf, format="png")
kokardy /
Created Jan 4, 2013
[reportlab] a custom Template for duplex printing. a new page must start at odd-numbered page on pagebreak. 両面印刷用のテンプレート 改ページ時にかならず奇数ページからはじめる。
class CustomSimpleDocTemplate(SimpleDocTemplate):
def handle_pageBreak(self,slow=None):
SimpleDocTemplate.handle_pageBreak(self, slow=slow)
if % 2 == 1:
SimpleDocTemplate.handle_pageBreak(self, slow=slow)
kokardy / RelatedObjectLookups.js
Last active Dec 9, 2015
I tried to fix #11561. "raw_id_fields_readonly" is similar to "raw_id_fields", but do not require "change permission". If a user does not have "change permission", "raw_id_fields" works as "raw_id_fields_readonly".
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function showRelatedObjectLookupPopup(triggeringLink, readonly) {
var name =^lookup_/, '');
name = id_to_windowname(name);
var href;
href = triggeringLink.href
if (\?/) >= 0) {
href = href.replace(/\?/, 'readonly/?');
href = href + '&pop=1';
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