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Last active Mar 18, 2021
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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding:utf8 -*-
import optparse
import sys
from contextlib import closing
import yaml
import jinja2
from openpyxl import load_workbook
def load_param_file(path):
with closing(open(path)) as f:
return yaml.load('UTF-8'))
def replace_xl_workbook(template_path, dest_path, param):
print template_path, dest_path
wb = load_workbook(template_path)
for ws in wb.worksheets:
for ri, row in enumerate(ws.iter_rows()):
text_cells = list(cell for cell in row if cell.value and isinstance(cell.value, basestring))
for cell in text_cells:
cell.value = jinja2.Template(cell.value).render(param)
def main(cmd_args):
print cmd_args
source_path = cmd_args.pop(0)
dest_path = cmd_args.pop(0)
param = dict()
for item in cmd_args:
replace_xl_workbook(source_path, dest_path, param)
if __name__ == '__main__':
usage = """\
usage: %prog source.xlsx dest.xlsx [param_files ...]
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kokumura commented Dec 8, 2015


pip install PyYAML jinja2 openpyxl

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